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Guelder Rose Daily Bundle

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Keep your skincare routine simple with Guelder Rose Daily Bundle. This bundle offers you the everyday essentials, for a clearer and brighter complexion.

Guelder Rose Milk Cleanser

It perfectly cleans all daily dirt and make-up, tones and moisturizes the skin.

Cleansing Guelder Rose Face Tonic 

Controls oil, reduces pores and blackheads. Heals small wounds and microcracks in the skin, as well as heals the inflammatory process in the skin. Protects against adverse environmental effects. 


A small amount place in the palms of the hands and massage into damp skin and rinse with water. Use twice a day in the morning and before bed.

Then apply Guelder rose facial tonic. Moisten a cotton pad with the tonic and cleanse the face along the massage lines twice a day – in the morning after waking up and in the evening before bedtime.