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When making a purchase in our online store, you have the opportunity to choose one of the following delivery methods:

1. Delivery of goods to Omniva self-service terminals:

  • Service price in Latvia - 3.00 Eur .;
  • Service price in Lithuania - 5.00 Eur .;
  • Service price in Estonia - 5.00 Eur .;

2. Delivery of goods by Omniva courier in Baltics:

  • Service price in Latvia - 7.00 Eur .;
  • Service price in Lithuania - 7.00 Eur .;
  • Service price in Estonia - 7.00 Eur .;

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3. Delivery of goods by Omniva courier in Europe Union (Coming Soon):

  • We currently provide delivery only in the Baltic countries!

Omniva Delivery Parcel terminals

4. Delivery of goods with Express Mail Service (EMS) to Rest of The World (Coming Soon):

  • We currently provide delivery only in the Baltic countries!


If you choose delivery to Omniva self-service terminals, you will receive an SMS message with the specified information for receiving the shipment.

When choosing the Omniva parcel terminal as the delivery method, the Product will arrive at the parcel selected by the User within 5 working days after sending the order confirmation to the User's e-mail address. The User is informed about the arrival of the Product at the parcel terminal by a text message notification, which contains the door code, the location of the parcel terminal, the return code and the storage period. The parcels are open 24 hours. The product is stored in the parcel terminal for 7 calendar days. After the expiration of the mentioned term, the Product is sent back to the bestberryskincare.com store. In case the User does not remove the Product within the above-mentioned term, the User is obliged to reimburse the costs related to re-sending the Product.

Possible delivery times may vary, any delays will be reported.