Guelder Rose Story


I am Guelder Rose - with the Latin name Viburnum Opulus.

You probably do not know much about me, because I am an unjustly forgotten berry, even though I have participated in various historical events over the centuries - war marches, wedding ceremonies and love rituals.

The owner of Bestberry, Maris, fell in love with me when he discovered my healing properties. So for eleven years now, Maris and I have been promoting health, beauty and vitality to people.

I am rich in vitamins, organic acids and valuable oils. I can strengthen your immunity and make your skin and body beautiful. You will be amazed at the special aroma and flavour you can taste in some of the products. Do not be afraid, it is valerian acid.

In collaboration with Maris and Bestberry, we agreed to stay 100% organic, because this is how I help people the most to improve their immunity and physical beauty.

Here's to Your Beauty,